Green New Deal: How About A “Low Tech New Deal”?

Fuck, this article is ludicrously stupid. Ignores nuclear altogether, for one. You think, given the choice, people are going to choose to live like medieval peasants or go with nuke plants? I tell you, we won’t be out in the fields with scythes and building cathedrals for our lords.

The entire power capacity of the entire world could be met by fewer than 5,000 nuclear plants. With breeder and other types of reactors that already exist, we wouldn’t run out of fuel for something like 200,000 years.

The article is terrible in other ways. It ignores that solar panels can be placed where much already exists, such as on roofs, in parking lots, where crappy old coal plants already are, etc.

It’s not even that I am against what this article is discussing, though I am. It’s more that I am staunchly opposed to shoddy thinking in the service of an agenda, and a stupid-ass agenda at that.