Another reason for the HTTPS push is to lock users out of setting up their own infrastructure at home that is not cloud-connected. If it’s not capable of being spied on/monitored, it is useless to the Googles, Firefoxes, and other ad delivery platforms of the world.

Since it’s impossible to obtain a valid TLS cert for a local connection, this means that any non-cloud-connected device will be marked insecure by Firefox, Chrome, etc. By marking anything that has a self-signed cert insecure (which goes along with this HTTPS push), and making it impossible for TLS to work, this deliberately and maliciously breaks anything that doesn’t have a constant external connection. Thus, it’ll then require any configuration (even if the device sits in your home) to be done via some cloud service.

You think this breaking of devices is accidental?

Nope, it is a strategy. A deliberate and obvious one. Obvious if you aren’t morons like John Scalzi and his affirmational choir.

It’s really odd but predictable too that on Scalzi’s cloyingly mediocre site and other similar pseudo-intellectual habitats that I’ve been called a paranoiac for voicing opinions that the frenzied push to HTTPS is being done for anything other than altruistic, benevolent reasons by Google, etc. Why these self-avowed liberals trust that large monopolistic or near-monopolistic companies have their best interests in mind, I have no goddamn idea. It makes no sense at all. I assume it’s just easier than thinking, which pseudo-intellectuals in particular are averse to.

Next up from a delusional liberal near you: how the NSA and CIA are really just fuzzy little puppies who only want to lick your face and cutely attempt to navigate the stairs.