Crime against

Rape is a horrible crime. In some ways worse than murder, as the victim must live with the consequences.

And many rapes do happen on college campuses. However, more rapes occur in prison, inflicted on men than occur on any college* campus or nearby environs. And more rapes occur in marriages, in families and between non-college acquaintances than on or associated with college campuses.

So why the focus on campus rape**?

And the whole “colleges are rape nests” propaganda is also really stupid. It has nothing to do with reality. Rape exists everywhere and singling out colleges is ridiculous.

Because upper-middle-class people attend in high numbers. If upper-middle class people went to prison in high numbers, that’s where our focus on rape would be.

All rape is equally evil. It doesn’t matter if it happens in prison, in a family home or on a college campus.

I do think that Clarissa is generally pointing the correct way in that the right wing will now focus on college rape statistics to attempt to further dismantle higher education. That won’t help women, nor help stop rape, but it will further erode the American educational system.

*If you include prison, depending on how you interpret the statistics, more men are raped every year than women — but no one does because, like, ugh, right?

**I’m not saying it’s wrong to discuss college rape, but that is becoming the only focus and it should not be. All rapes are equally evil. Yep, even prison rape.