It’s weird

It’s weird when you click on something and you are prepared to be disappointed but then it actually turns out to be great.

Like this.

  1. My: LibreOffice users want a “personal” UI, with different options capable of adapting to the user’s personal habits, and not a single UI without options.
  2. User Friendly: of course, any UI should be as user friendly as possible, but LibreOffice users have clearly asked for a “modular” UI, where they can set their own level of user friendliness, and not a single UI without options.
  3. Flexible: the increasing number of LibreOffice users deploying the software on different hardware platforms (for instance, a desktop and a laptop), each one with different characteristics and screen size and resolution, have asked for a UI that can be tweaked to leverage the screen real estate, and not a single UI without options.

Heretics! Sinners!

The user is not allowed to have any options. You will be reported to the Stasi immediately!

It’s completely unexpected for any organization to rebel against the removal of customizability and user control. It’s completely contrary to our authoritarian times, but wonderful to see.