Try as I might

I can’t understand why we treat disabled people so poorly.

Sure, sociologically I can read the research, understand the transition to Taylorism, the forging of everyone into an interchangeable widget, but at a basic level it’s still incomprehensible because it’d take so little comparatively to make those people feel like full members of society and to also make society itself better.

That piece deals with conditions in Canada, but as in most things except not mostly being ridiculously cold 11 months out of the year the US is far worse.

I have disabled friends. I grew up in an area where people got disabled by workplace injuries fairly frequently. So I know most of the myths about disabled people are just that — mythical. Most people want to contribute, to be given a chance, to be valued.

It reflects poorly on our society that we are so vastly wealthy as compared to our predecessors but are willing to throw so many people in the garbage unnecessarily, people who could contribute to society in all sorts of ways if we gave them a chance.