Here’s some more typical pseudo-Democrat misunderstanding of, well — everything. Just everything.

The data is (sort of) sound, but when you pass a bill like the ACA, guess what? You own what happens to health care then. You own it, like it or not.

For the average person who can barely afford health care anyway, the premiums “only” going up 20-30% vs. a projected 50% does not matter. It’s all financially out of reach.

Appealing to a world that doesn’t exist — one with no ACA — to show how something people already can’t afford would be even more unaffordable is a typical farcically boneheaded Dem technocrat thing to do.

Throwing data at people in these circumstances doesn’t help. It hurts your case.

Do the Democrats just not understand the damage they’ve done, forcing people to buy mostly-bad insurance in a huge giveaway to insurance companies, and then financially penalizing the shirkers? Can they really not understand how utterly destructive this is?

The ACA is probably the real reason Hillary Clinton lost, or at least a major contributor. But that will never make it into the narrative, will it? Putin will jump out of a closet and stab a motherfucker.