Nacker Hews

Mathbabe observes that she gets a large number of nasty comments any time one of her pieces makes it high up on Hacker News.

Surprise me this does not. Most of the folks there are entitled, privileged-but-unaware-of-it geeks with a deep streak of misogyny.

In other words, seeing an intelligent woman demolish many ideas they hold sacred put them into a mite of a tizzy, don’t you know.

At one point I was a well-known and high-ranked user of that site. I got fed up with it and asked for my ID to be deleted altogether. Though there is no formal deletion process, it was deleted by the site owner himself. Now though I read the site from time to time I rarely look at the comments as they are a cesspool of uninformed speculation (engineeritis), thoroughly-disproven theories and oh yeah, misogyny.

Good reason to avoid all of that.