I think Clarissa is correct about sexy halloween costumes.

I was reminded of the date by the proliferation of posts that try to answer the question of why there so many sexy women’s costumes for Halloween and so few sexy costumes for men.

The usual answer of “because women are sexualized by society” makes no sense to me. This is a very Puritanical, prissy society we live in where people tend to have very unhealthy attitudes towards any exhibition of healthy human sexuality.

I do appreciate a good, non-sexy costume because it’s much harder to pull off and because it’s usually more fun.

However, it also bothers me a great deal when I see so many so-called feminists condemning women for wearing sexy costumes – it’s the one damn day of the year they have to step outside of themselves and to do what they want and let their freak flag fly. Tell me, can you think of any other day of the year that women wouldn’t be condemned for dressing how they like? So let them do it. If their sexy costume offends you, the problem is with your whack ass, not with them.

I agree completely that both the proliferation of sexy costumes for women and their condemnation by so many feminists is emblematic of a fundamentally puritanical, sex-hostile society.

I like a great Halloween costume, sexy or not.

America is a weird country – this combination of 15th century values with high tech advancement.