The “open borders” nonsense of liberals has caused me to separate myself more from them than just about any other area of liberal virtue signalling. It’s a frankly idiotic idea that would sow and has sown utter chaos in both the countries immigrants (mostly economic migrants) leave and of course the destination countries.

The rhetoric around this is strong, though. See this screenshot from the NYT.

The “undocumented immigrants” neologism is a rare liberal coup of rhetoric, because it makes it sound like, oops, they just forgot to get a document! Rather than undertaking illegal border crossings, taking jobs that they should not be able to hold by US Law that lowers wages of American workers, and doing things like the person in the story — driving without a license (which the story never outright states — of course it doesn’t — but that’s what he was doing).

Illegal immigration is not possible to completely halt, of course, nor should we be caging kids and separating them from their parents. The thing about illegal immigration, though, is that only a small core of really vocal liberals mostly unaffected by it truly support it. Many Americans have been railroaded into virtue signalling about it, but don’t really believe in it.

Pssst, libs, 90% of the rhetoric and propaganda about illegal immigrants is wool being pulled over your eyes so that capitalists can have cheaper labor costs. Propaganda works, and it worked on you.

Note I am only referring to illegal immigration here.