Don’t Speak

Report: It’s Not Okay To Just Start Talking To People You Don’t Know.

That’s The Onion, but that is becoming the liberal party line so I am not really sure it’s good satire. According to modern liberals, don’t talk to anyone who’s not exactly like you, not within exactly a month or two of your age (even if you are both in your 40s), and definitely don’t speak to women (even if you are a woman), the disabled, or anyone, because the only proper interaction is regulated and controlled and preferably done on a smartphone. And woe betide you if you accidentally utter a forbidden word or commit a dreaded micro-aggression!

You know, I think Clarissa’s blog is right: modern feminism as practiced and liberal fear of the world combined with the painting of women as fragile, mentally weak creatures by selfsame libs is going to inevitably lead to things like chaperoned dates, more restrictive clothing mores, and severe diminution of women’s agency and freedom.