I’d been contemplating writing a post about this for a while, but Clarissa has done it already.

I don’t even want to excerpt any of it as it’s so good.

The simple fact is that allowing emigration from places where men truly and deeply hate women makes life worse for the women resident wherever those men end up.

This is inarguable and it does happen and has happened in many places — it’s just inconvenient for many on the left to talk about.

But I care about women more than I care about what some brainwashed lefty doofus thinks.

I have nothing but sympathy for the refugees. However, if I were dictator it is highly doubtful I’d let a single North African and/or Islamic man into the country (no matter how white they were), because I’d rather the women of my country prosper and not have to worry even more than they already do about being harassed, stalked and treated like human garbage.

The simple cultural fact is that if you let a bunch of women-hating men in, life is going to worsen for the women around them.

Not worth the trade-off to me. Not even close.